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If you have ever thought about trying acupuncture, but are still teetering on the edge?  I hope my testimonial will help ease your decision.  My name is Angela Butera and I have been seeing Mo and Barbara for treatments for the past 2 years now at Shen Dao. I would not be sharing my story if I did not think that this would help someone else who might be a skeptic like I was.
Here is a little about my background and how I ended up at Shen Dao. I became ill in 2013 having my gallbladder removed, but when doctors did not fix the problem, I starting becoming more and more ill. I would pass out, get stomach spasms, and could not sit or stand very long. I had every test that you could possible think of, before another surgeon went in and removed my appendix and a small obstruction behind my uterus. I started to feel a bit better, but still nothing was helping and I refused to take anymore pills the doctors would try to give me. I was told that it was because I was a woman over 30, or that it was because I was obese, or depressed. I knew I would never run a marathon, but I enjoy my job and love getting up and going every day. Needless to say I cannot tell you how many doctors I fired.  My boss was helping anyway she could and came across Shen Dao from her nephew. What did I have to lose? I called up and asked if they thought the treatment would work on an obese person and would they even be willing to try it. This is one of the better decisions I have made for myself.  Mo and Barbara were wonderful, made me feel important, take their time, and listen to everything. Mo does not just put needles into your body and leave them, he elicits response. You feel different sensations (some are good and some I hate, but they all work).  I noticed a big change after the initial session. I have continued with him even through the process of not feeling well. He researches for the most effective treatment that would help my condition and is always available for me. Barbara does the ear acupuncture, which I love just as much. These treatments reach points in a heavier person that the body points cannot. 
My eyes are bright and the white part is so very white, if you do decide to have the treatment watch your eyes you will start to see them glow with beauty. As far as my physical mobility my treatments have helped with the sluggishness I was feeling, the spasms in my intestines, and even my menstrual cycle was off due to cysts. Mo and Barbara have been treating me for this very common issue in woman. Since I have started going everyone who knows me has seen the change and how much it has helped. I have had people from work go receive treatments and even my family. I am now going to the gym, walking, and enjoying the feeling of having the energy, mobility, and feeling that I had something just was stuck is going away. Even my circulation is getting better my legs are not as swollen!
One more thing I do have to mention; I have always been known as the sick one; there could be something going around and I was sure to catch it. I have been doing great the last couple of years, everyone at work seems to get the cold or the flu and it reoccurs, but I have been very blessed as my treatments boasted my system up!
As I said if you are on the edge about trying this method of treatment, what do you really have to lose? You could not find more knowledgeable, experienced, and sweet acupuncturists like Mo and Barbara! I also did my own comparison and they are one of the cheapest J I told Mo and his response was its more about the patient than the money, we love to help people.
Thank you 
Angela M Butera 

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